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Al Fakher Shisha Molasses Reviews

Al Fakher is founded in the United Arab Emirates since 1999. Their molasses are made from the finest tobaccos and are infused with exquisite European flavour infusions to create a rich, unrivalled, full smoking experience for shisha enthusiasts. STANDARD RANGE After Dinner Soft Black, Energy Drink, Cappuccino, Chocolate Aromatic Rose, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Jasmine Creamy...

Afzal Shisha

Afzal Shisha Flavor Reviews

Afzal Shisha Flavor are processed on fully automated machines without any human intervention. The entire process of Blending, Flavouring, Filling, Packing and Final Packaging follows strict International standards. Regular Quality Testing by qualified and experienced professionals ensures that this products conform to the latest international quality standards. Afzal Shisha is available in a variety of flavors :...

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