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Al Fakher Shisha Molasses Reviews

Al Fakher is founded in the United Arab Emirates since 1999. Their molasses are made from the finest tobaccos and are infused with exquisite European flavour infusions to create a rich, unrivalled, full smoking experience for shisha enthusiasts.


  • After Dinner

Soft Black, Energy Drink, Cappuccino, Chocolate

  • Aromatic

Rose, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Jasmine

  • Creamy

Strawberry with Cream, Mint with Cream, Grape with Cream, Orange with Cream

  • Fruity

Blueberry, Strawberry, Lemon, Apricot, Plum, Grenadine, Apple, Berry, Cherry, Grape with Berry, Grapefruit, Two Apples, Grape, Orange, Peach

  • Minty

Blueberry with Mint, Two Apples with Mint, Watermelon with Mint, Lemon with Mint, Plum with Mint, Cherry with Mint, Grapefruit with Mint, Citrus with Mint, Grape with Mint, Mint, Chocolate with Mint, Orange with Mint, Gum, Gum Mastic, Gum with Cinnamon, Gum with Mint

  • Sweet

Licorice, Vanilla, Bubble Gum, Cola, Honey

  • Tropical

Mojito, Watermelon, Banana, Cocktail, Pineapple, Mango, Guava, Kiwi, Coconut, Melon, Fresh Mist


  • Golden Grape

Al Fakher MolassesThe mild flavor of dark grape dominates as you exhale but is counterbalanced with spicy undertones which slowly sits in your mouth and leaves a lingering woody after taste.

  • Golden Two Apples

Al Fakher MolassesMix with sweet silky flavors of red apples balances flawlessly with the more sour notes of green apples

  • Golden Bahraini Apple

Al Fakher MolassesGolden Bahraini Apple offers the pure taste of red apples, with a liitle bit spicy finish.

  • Golden Eskandarani

Al Fakher MolassesGolden Eskandarani combining the freshness of green apples with a floral undertone. The spices are toned down to bring out the lighter fruity flavors. This is a perfect blend of green and sour apples.

  • Golden Fresh Mint

Al Fakher MolassesThe intense taste of mint will make you tingle with very light citrus aftertaste that lingers on your tongue and lips.

  • Golden Strawberry

Al Fakher MolassesWith an irresistible taste of dried strawberries that will draw you in from the very first puff and a hint of tartness that will settle on your palette as you enjoy every moment.

  • Golden Orange

Al Fakher MolassesGolden Orange is sweet, tart and fresh at the same time.


  • Lovely Cherry

Al Fakher Molasses

  • Mango Madness

Al Fakher Molasses

  • Rich Creme

  • Seven Wings

  • Sparkle

Fresh Mist shisha with just the right hint of lemon.

  • Strawberry Island

  • Sweet Drops

  • Sweet Pomegranate

  • Tangerine Twist

A citrus taste with a sweet kick with the smell when you peel the skin and the juicy taste of fresh tangerines.

  • Virgine Grape

  • Watermelon Splash

  • Kiwi Garden

  • Hot Ice

Sensationally hot with a breathtaking tingle.

  • Hookah Matata

  • Apple Tinii

  • Banana Montana

Banana Montana is sweet bananas mixed with coconut undertones.

  • Berry Blend

A blend of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.

  • Blews

A great melody of Southern flavours. The harmony between the fruits combined with a powerful blueberry and some groovy floral notes.

  • Citrus Spirit

  • Flavour Paradise

  • Fun Time

Putra Group produces coconut shell charcoal briquette especially for shisha with the highest quality. Feel free if you are willing to come to our factory to see the production process and product testing.

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