Al-Waha Tobacco

Al-Waha Tobacco Reviews

  • Al-Waha After Nine

Al-Waha TobaccoA rich blend of creamy chocolate and fresh mint.

  • Al-Waha Arctic Blueberry

Al-Waha TobaccoA simplistic combination of fresh picked blueberries and garden fresh mint leaves.

  • Al-Waha Arctic Cherry

Al-Waha TobaccoA juicy twist on plump cherries with a hit of cool menthol.

  • Al-Waha Arctic Melon

Al-Waha TobaccoA mouthwatering blend of ripe honeydew, juicy watermelon, and a rush of cool menthol.

  • Al-Waha Arctic Peach

Al-Waha TobaccoA crisp taste of plump peaches with a twist of cool menthol.

  • Al-Waha Blueberry Banana

Al-Waha TobaccoA fresh blend of ripe bananas and fresh picked blueberries.

  • Al-Waha Blueberry Guava

Al-Waha Tobacco

A sweet fruit blend of garden fresh guavas and plump blueberries.
  • Al-Waha Cali Twist

Al-Waha TobaccoA sweet summertime blend of red cherries, juicy pineapple, and luscious oranges.

  • Al-Waha Chai Latte

Al-Waha TobaccoA subtle blend of sweet cream with a twist of fragrant cinnamon.

  • Al-Waha Cinnamon Gum

Al-Waha TobaccoSweet cinnamon shisha with a minty fresh feel.

  • Al-Waha Grape

Al-Waha TobaccoA sweet taste of garden fresh green grapes.

  • Al-Waha Gum Mint

Al-Waha TobaccoA sweet twist on garden fresh mint and a cool blast of menthol.

  • Al-Waha Hot N Cold

Al-Waha TobaccoA cool blast of menthol with the sweet aromas of freshly picked blueberries.

  • Al-Waha Ice Cream

Al-Waha TobaccoA creamy blend of your favorite Neapolitan style ice cream.

  • Al-Waha Icy Mango Tango

Al-Waha TobaccoA unique blend of ripe mangoes and garden fresh mint with a pop of cool menthol.

  • Al-Waha Lemon Mint

Al-Waha TobaccoA tasty combination of juice filled lemons and garden fresh mint.

  • Al-Waha Libella Swing

Al-Waha TobaccoA crisp blend of sweet oranges, pink guavas, and fresh picked mint leaves.

  • Al-Waha Magic Touch

Al-Waha TobaccoA magical blend of garden fresh mint leaves, juicy limes, and plump blueberries.

  • Al-Waha Mango Lemonade

Al-Waha TobaccoRefreshing flavors of a tall glass of lemonade topped off with freshly chopped mangoes and cool blast of ice.

  • Al-Waha Melon

Al-Waha Tobacco

A sweet shisha blend of juicy honeydew.
  • Al-Waha Melon Berry

Al-Waha TobaccoA juicy twist of fresh honeydew, plump blueberries, and garden fresh mint leaves.

  • Al-Waha Mint

Al-Waha TobaccoA chilling combination of garden fresh mint and a blast of cool menthol.

  • Al-Waha One Day

Al-Waha Tobacco

A refreshing blast of cool menthol, garden fresh mint leaves, fresh squeezed limes and a secret creamy subnote surprise.

  • Al-Waha Orange

Al-Waha Tobacco

A fruit blast of juicy oranges.

  • Al-Waha Orange Mint

Al-Waha TobaccoA mouthwatering combination of juicy oranges and fresh picked mint leaves.

  • Al-Waha Pan Rasna

Al-Waha TobaccoA luxurious blend of floral, clove, and other exotic Indian spices with subtle hints of mint.

  • Al-Waha Summer Air

Al-Waha TobaccoA flavor packed combination of juice filled lemons and fragrant passion fruit.

  • Al-Waha Sweet Shock

Al-Waha TobaccoA cool combination of juicy watermelon and fresh passion fruits.

  • Al-Waha Two Apple

Al-Waha TobaccoA Crisp blend of sweet red apples and tart green apples.

  • Al-Waha Watermelon

Al-Waha TobaccoA mouthwatering taste of crisp watermelon shisha.


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