Azure Premium Hookah Tobacco Gold Line Review

Azure Premium Hookah Tobacco – It starts with the highest quality tobacco available in the United States. Select tobacco leaves are the foundation necessary to produce Azure’s Premium Hookah Tobacco. Their skilled artisans demand quality ingredients from beginning to end to ensure your experience exceeds expectations and satisfies even the most demanding hookah enthusiasts.

Quality ingredients and expert craftsmanship are paired with immediate sealed packaging to ensure Azure Premium Hookah Tobacco is not only fresh, but retains moisture and the flavors are sealed in airtight so you can enjoy the perfect smoke.


  • Barista’s Choice

Special roasted coffee blend will make you feel like you’re having a cup of joe in the morning.

  • Bermuda Mint

This exclusive blend of minty flavors is sure to be a top choice. This is the strongest mint for all the mint lovers out there.

  • Berrymania

A manic twist on the classic berry mixtures.

  • Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffin takes dessert flavors to the next level by perfectly combining the muffin mix with the vibrant taste of blueberries. This complex flavor will keep you wanting more.

  • Boomerang

The fruity blend taste like the world-renown red gummy bear that everyone knows and loves.

  • Cairo Crypt Tonight

This icy cherry blends cherry with a mint that gives you a cool smoke throughout.

  • California Blue

As homemade as a flavor can get, this special California Blue adds a nice twist to the blueberry flavors that you know and love.

  • Carolina Peach

From the city known for its peaches, they bring you this blend of several peach flavors to make your mouth water.

  • Chai Masala

Waking up to the smell of a chai latte is the same feeling you will get when you smoke this blend of spices and tea.

  • Cherry Muffin

Cherry Muffin is an extraordinarily smooth dessert flavor. The flavor profile is sweet ripe cherries combined with the intricate muffin blend.

  • Chocolate Cake

This signature blend brings you the perfect taste of a rich chocolate cake for every occasion.

  • Chocolate Mint

Mixing the tasty dessert flavor of chocolate with the boldness of mint, this flavor is sure to be a fan favorite.

  • Cinnamon Cookie

This flavor will take you back to grandma’s house as she makes you homemade cookies and now so have we.

  • Citrusmania

A mixture of multiple citrus flavors that come together to bring you a great smoke.

  • Cocomania

By adding a hint of coconut to this signature berry mixes, they are able to bring this tropical blend.

  • Cosmos

Fresh grapefruit with a blend of natural raspberries.

  • Dubai Apple

Their take on the classic hookah flavor, Double Apple.

  • Fun at the Beach

Toes in the water, sitting in the sand, go have some fun at the beach with this fruity mixture.

  • Grapemania

Grapemania takes a pleasant mixture of several sweet grape flavors balanced out with a hint of mint.

  • Lemongrass

Fresh citrus blended with the natural taste of lemon grass to give you an enjoyable relaxing smoke.

  • Lemon Muffin

Azure Lemon Muffin is the perfect infusion of citrus and the exclusive muffin mix. The sweet dessert from the muffin compliments the natural citrus.

  • Limoncello

Just like the Italian liqueur, this tasty lemon mix makes for a perfect night in with friends.

  • Lychee

The sweetness that comes from the natural flavors of Lychee is recreated in this mixture.

  • Mango Cheesecake

Savory cheesecake topped with diced mangos.

  • Melon King

This flavor combines sweet, smooth melon with the perfect touch of mint.

  • Melonmania

Blending multiple melon flavors together they are able to create a perfect mix that gives off a sweet melon smoke.

  • Moscow Never Sleeps

Moscow knows how to party and so do we, this flavor will have you up all night with its sweet fruity taste with a hint of mint.

  • Pina Colada

If you like Pina Coladas, get caught in this perfect blend that mirrors the classic cocktail.

  • Royal Mango

Sweet ripe mango fresh from the tree.

  • Royal Queen

This natural tasting tea mixes black tea with citrus to make a tea worthy of England.

  • Sweet Summer Sun

With a milky citrus base, this flavor will continue to evolve with every season change.

  • Spiced Berry

Taking the natural sweet and ripeness of berries and adding a hint of spiced cinnamon, it will bring you a delightful flavor.

  • Tomahawk

The cool citrus blend will make you feel like you’re on the beach in Jamaica.

  • Tropical Citrus

Tropical fruits and fresh citrus round out this perfect summer flavor.

  • Tropical Paradise

This combination of tropical delights will make you feel like you’re sitting on the beach in Hawai.

  • Twisted Teabag

This blend was created for the tea lovers. A well balanced mixture of strong black tea with bright citrus notes.

  • Unicorn

This flavor is so tasty and cool, you will feel mythical.

  • Viva La Horchata

The perfect blend of rice and cinnamon will take you to the streets of Mexico City and make you feel like your drinking authentic Horchata.

  • White Gummi Bear

A fruity blend with a tropical twist that gives off the familiar impression of a white gummy bear.

  • Winter Berries

This cooling berry blend taste like the icy winds of winter with a berry kick.

  • Winter Lemon

A snowy winter mint blended with zesty lemon to bring you our take on the classic.

  • Winter Orange

The icy orange flavor will leave you with a cool sensation that will keep you coming back for more.

  • Winter Peach

Sweet peach with an icy mint twist to feel like a refreshing popsicle on a hot summer day.

  • Winter Rose

Mixing the cool taste of mint and adding in the unique floral taste. Winter Rose is a fantastic blend for a rosy occasion.


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