Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes

Coconut shell is used as an important raw material in charcoal briquettes. It is carbonized, crushed, processed by charcoal powder making machine. Later it can be made into various shapes and sizes.

Due to its high carbon content and hardness coconut shell charcoal has various applications in many fields since its features and advantages are practically convincing.

It is a 100% guaranteed environmental friendly resource as it made of sustainable natural resource.

Coconut Shell charcoal can be easily briquetted, safe and also it leaves less ash and makes the surrounding environment friendly.

Coconut Shell retains moist after the nut is used and water is removed which helps in safe and quick ignition.

There is no emission of Sulphur or any other toxic gas hence it is safe to cook indoor.

The high calorific value in coconut shell charcoal gives a long burning time compared to the usual hard wood charcoal. It is safe when used indoor and outdoor. Definitely It will be very efficient fuel like BBQ, Garment factory, Paper Industry, Tea factory and metallurgy industry.

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