Components and Uses of Shisha

Components and Uses of Shisha

Shisha is a style of smoking Indian-style tobacco which was later popular in the Middle East. Smoking shisha uses a tube filled with water. Inside the tube, tobacco is heated with additional fruit flavor. Shisha tubes are equipped with several hoses to breathe the smoke produced, so that one shisha tube can be used for several people. 

Component and Uses of Shisha

There are several components found in the shisha tube as below :

Components and Uses of Shisha


Pipes used to suck tobacco through water. Tobacco is heated in a place at the top of the hookah. The smoke is filtered through water which is at the bottom of the hookah.


Shisha is tobacco smoked in a hookah. Tobacco has a variety of flavors such as mangoes, apples, strawberries, mints, bananas, oranges and others.

Base Bottle (Vase)

Vase is a water container that is usually made of plastic or glass.

Hookah Hose

Hose for breathing smoke that produced by shisha. Made of rubber or plastic that forms a tube.

Tobacco Bowl

Used as a place to heat tobacco. This process will produce a flavor for shisha.

Pipe Stem

The place for hookah hose that will connect with bowl, vase and hose. Pipe stem also cools the smoke.

Air Valve

The place to smoke when the tobacco starts to heat and the smoke burns.

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