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Guide How to Use a Hookah Shisha Pipe

Preparing your pipe

Its best to clean your pipe straight after using it, that way the smoke in the metal stem doesn’t have time to dry and leave a residue. Plus the last thing you want to be doing when your looking forward to a smoke with your friends is cleaning your pipe. A dry pipe and hose gives a better smoke. Make sure your pipe is clean or you’ll start to get a horrible taste with each smoking session. Use soft brushes to clean the pipe and base bottle.

Shisha in Details

Fill the glass base so approximately 1 inch of the metal tube is submerged below the water line. The area left above this is where the smoke will mix with air and cool further. Too much water makes it hard to suck the smoke through and leaves little space left for the smoke to mix with air resulting in much stronger smoke. Attach the pipe onto the bottle as above. The metal pipe is not to be confused with the hose, see image above.

How a shisha should look

To enhance the flavour of the smoke, try mixing cola, lemon juice, orange juice to the water when using the same flavoured tobacco., or some other flavours to compliment it.

Preparing the molasses

Often the juice in the tobacco based molasses can sink to the bottom, give it a good mix before you take any out to put in the clay bowl. That way your not using dry tobacco from the top of the pack. When you open a large pack of tobacco its recommend to put it in an air tight glass container to prevent it drying out, the jar will also make it easier when you mix it.

The right Molasses

If you’re new to using a hookah shisha pipe try a small amount of tobacco first to practice getting it right. Place the tobacco into the clay bowl, about 8-10g of tobacco per smoke if you have a large pipe. Break up the tobacco rather than putting it in and covering the holes in the clay bowl fully.

For beginners we recommend trying tobacco free molasses until your familiar with setting up. Its easy to burn the molasses, whilst a good smoke is heavenly burning the molasses will make you cough like you would with cigarettes.

Correct way to hookah setup

The two most popular tobacco free molasses on the market today are SOEX and High Life Herbal. Ensure the tobacco is not compacted or the air will not pass through and will make the smoke strong and give a burnt flavour to your smoke. Place the charcoal tray on the pipe, the grommet in clay bowl then the clay bowl onto the pipe.

shisha accessories

Take a small piece of aluminium foil, big enough to cover the opening of the bowl. Wrap the foil over the top so that the surface is tight. Use a toothpick to punch 12-15 holes in the foil.

cover the hookah bowl

You may want to suck on the mouth piece to see if enough air flows through the pipe. If its an effort to draw air you may want to make some more hole or ensure the tobacco is not too tightly packed.


Lighting the charcoal

Quick Light – Light the charcoal and wait about 2 minute after it has stopped sparkling before placing it on the foil if you are using self igniting charcoal on the foil. If you place the charcoal on too early you’ll be smoking the charcoal fumes before you get any flavour, wait until it has stopped sparkling/smoking.

lighting the charcoal

Natural Charcoal – Natural charcoal is preferred by experienced shisha smokers as it contains no chemicals which may taint the flavour of the smoke. Natural charcoal takes longer to light but its worth the wait. You can light it on your cooker or using a torch lighter. Wait until it is glowing before placing it on the charcoal. The best forms of natural charcoal are coconut (cocobrico, coconara), orange wood or pure bamboo (Aladin bamboocha)

Guide to shisha setup

When you first start smoking your hookah, try placing the charcoal on the outside of the bowl and working it around the edges of the bowl. The centre of the bowl should be the last place your charcoal is placed.Use a large wind cover to prevent the charcoal falling off in case someone knocks your pipe. A wind cover also preserves charcoal by keeping the heat from escaping.


Final Preparation

Place the hose grommet in the hole then attach the hose to the pipe. The hookah is now ready to smoke – we advise sucking gently to start with so the tobacco or molasses heats gently, sucking too hard will result in the top molasses burning which will taint the rest of if with a charred taste. Long gentle draws will help the heat pass through the tobacco.

Don’t forget to take in some normal air every now and then to make smoking enjoyable, too much of anything can be sickly. For best effect we recommend smoking with friends, after all the best ingredient to any gathering is good friends and if you need premium quality charcoal feel free to contact us Putra Group

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