Hookah Tips & Tricks Part II

Here are another tips and tricks about a hookah that you should be followed :

1. Mixing different flavors of tobacco to get a better taste. You can mix (strawberry & banana), (apple & strawberry), (peach & melon), (apple & mint) and etc. You can make your own combination according to your taste.

2. To get a fresh taste and last longer of tobacco, keep your tobacco refrigerated.

3. Add some ice cubes in the water to give a fresh cool taste every time you smoke.

4. Use a new water. Replace the water after every use.

5. Clean your hookah periodically to clean up the remain stale of smoke.

6. Add a little bit of sweet red wine into the water. It will make your smoking more enjoyable and give you a nice warm feeling every time you take a puff.

7. Don’t fill tobacco into the bowl too full. Give a little space for air. The tobacco will be burn if you fill too full.

8. Use some charcoal when it burn perfectly. Slowly move the charcoals towards the middle throughout your smoke session. This will burn the tobacco evenly and will prevent the smoke from getting harsh.

9. Make a several holes in your alumunium foil using a needle. Don’t make a holes too large, because it will make the charcoals burn faster.

10. Blow several times into the hose to get the grit out. It is an effective way to prevent nasty stuff from going down your throat.

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