Hookah Tricks and Tips

Here are the tips to get much taste, smoke, and get one session to last as long as possible.

1. A coal should not touch the tobacco while smoking. If a coal touches the tobacco, the taste will no longer be pure as tobacco taste. It will also have a burn flavor. So you should not fill the tobacco too full. Leave a little space for air.

2. The deeper bowl, the better. It’s better if you use the deeper bowl. Because you can fill more tobacco.

3. Have tobacco sit for about 20 – 30 minutes before packing into a bowl. Sprinkle the tobacco into alumunium foil (opened to the environment’s air) for a minutes before fill it into the bowl. This will gives the tobacco taste stronger.

4. Make a small holes on your alumunium foil. Use a needle to make a lot of small holes in the whole alumunium foil surface.

5. Move the coals around. By moving a coal around a foil surface every so often (5 – 10 minutes) more tobacco will be engaged in a session, make the session longer and the taste stronger.

6. Clean the hookah periodically. Cleaning a hookah will help to clean up a remain of stale smoke. Because this stale smoke can make the taste bad.

7. The more coal the more smoke. You can add more coal but you have to know the consequences. If you add more coal, the tobacco will quickly run out.

8. Mix your tobacco. The way to get a good taste is by mixing the tobacco. You can choose the tobacco with a fruit flavor and then mixing with mint flavor. This will never be wrong combination. Just try it.

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