Hookah variety

If you are an individual who enjoys smoking the hookah, you’ll find a wide variety of shisha tobacco to choose from. Many online stores offer this is a wide variety of types of hookah tobacco for your enjoyment.

The tobacco that is used for smoking hookah pipes is different than the type of tobacco used in cigarettes. It is also called shisha and in the past came in a damp-blend of freshly picked tobacco leaves that were dipped in molasses or honey. The Turkish-blend of shisha tobacco was one of the more popular choices.

The present times, however, have a variety of different flavors as the shisha tobacco is often mixed with fruit extracts and other flavorings and there is now a wide variety of different flavors and aromas to choose from.

Some of the more popular flavored tobacco includes that which is mixed with vanilla, apple, mint, and lemon and often, different flavors are combined to provide a more exotic blend. On the market today, you can even find shisha tobacco in the flavor of cream soda and mint chocolate chip. As the popularity of smoking shisha tobacco increases, you’ll find the assortment of flavors may be added to.

The hookah tobacco that you purchase is only about 30 percent tobacco and the rest is the fruit flavorings, along with the molasses or honey that it is mixed with. Many types of shisha tobacco contain no tar and many only have .05 percent nicotine in them. What makes the hookah tobacco so popular, however, is the variety of aromas and tastes you can choose from.

The Many Flavors Of Hookah Tobacco

Your hookah experience does not have to be the same each time. There are many varieties of flavored tobacco for your hookah, called shisha tobacco, which you can purchase for your pipe. Each and every one of them has a different taste and texture.

You don’t have to stop with just one flavor of hookah tobacco, either. Many times, experienced smokers will mix various flavors to create a new, unusual taste. Apple hookah tobacco is a popular flavored tobacco that can be a compliment to many others. When you are smoking, the mixture of flavors will burst to life in your mouth!

With this type of smoking gaining popularity in night spots everywhere, more and more hookah flavored tobaccos have been created. In addition to the traditional fruit flavored tobaccos, like apple, melon, orange, mango, strawberry, grape and peach, you can now find shisha tobacco that tastes like your favorite soda or alcohol. Pina Colada, Cognac, Margarita, Cola and Cherry Cola are just a small sampling of the flavored tobaccos you can find.

Other flavored hookah tobaccos you can find easily are vanilla, mint, coffee, pistachio, and coconut. You may be able to find shisha for sale at local smoke shops, but when looking for the best brand shisha for the least money, you will probably have to go online. Hookahs and hookah tobacco go hand in hand, and there are hundreds of online stores looking for your business. With the right hookah pipe, your hookah tobacco will give you an enjoyable experience again and again.

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