How to Make a Hookah Taste Fresh ?

Refreshing and delicious taste is something that is definitely sought by hookah lovers. Below are the steps you must take to get a fresh taste of hookah :

ice makes hookah session smooth

1. Use ice and cold water. To make your hookah taste fresh, add a few pieces of ice in your hookah vase. Remember, ice will make your hookah taste fresh, but decreases the taste of the tobacco. So you can add just a little bit of ice if you want keep your tobacco taste.

2. Use wet and fresh quality of tobacco. You have to keep your tobacco fresh. Kept in a dry place and away from direct sunlight. If you have tobacco that has been stored for a long time, make sure the tobacco is still fresh or you better buy a new one.

outdoor hookah with friends

3. Don’t forget to blow some air out. Blow some air out for several time. This step will make the old smoke replaced with the new one. Do not blow too hard.

4. Use a better quality of coconut charcoal briquette. The quality of briquette will also affect your hookah taste.

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