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Steps To Set Components on Shisha

How To Use Shisha ?

Shisha became popular in various countries so it has many names based on its country. In Arab countries they call it shisha or Nargella or Argeela. Turks call it Narghile. While in Albania, Bosnia, Croatia shisha is commonly called Lula or Lulava. 

Before using shisha, we must set various components that are on shisha correctly. The steps to set shisha as below :

  1. Clean the hookah first. Wash all components with water, except the hose. Because the hose will rust if exposed to water.

2. Pour a cold water into the base bottle / vase. Don’t too much, leave a little space for air.

3. Insert the hookah pipe at the bottom. Then insert the hose into the hole on the side of the stem.

4. Place the bowl grommet at the top of the hookah pipe. Then crush the tobacco and put it into the grommet bowl.

5. Cover grommet bowl with aluminum sheet. Make sure the tobacco is low enough so that it doesn’t touch the aluminum sheet so that the tobacco doesn’t feel burnt.

6. Make a several holes in the aluminum sheet with a toothpick. This hole will help hot air to get into tobacco.

7. Burn 2 or 3 briquettes. Choose briquettes with the highest quality because they will affect the taste of shisha.

8. Move the briquettes that has been completely burned onto the aluminum sheet.

9. Start smoking slowly. If you are used to it, you will start enjoying shisha.

Putra Group produces coconut shell charcoal briquette especially for shisha with the highest quality. Feel free if you are willing to come to our factory to see the production process and product testing.

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