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Zomo Tobacco has multiple lines of tobacco in their offering that appeals to different types of smokers. The different lines of hookah tobacco includes Classic, Black Edition, Splash, Strong, and World Experience. Each line of tobacco has it’s unique appeal and style.


  • Strong Blue

Zomo TobaccoZomo Strong Blue is the Number 1 blueberry flavor from South America.

  • Strong Lemon

Zomo TobaccoThere is nothing as refreshing as having an ice cold glass of lemonade on a hot day. Zomo Strong Lemon can be that refreshing feeling for you.

  • Strong Mango

Zomo TobaccoTropical fruit is not something that every consumer has a chance to enjoy in a daily basis. The Zomo Strong Mango is one way to get that experience.

  • Strong Melon

Zomo Tobacco

  • Strong Mint

Zomo TobaccoThe intense, minty smell has your nostrils reeling from the after effects of being outside on a freezing cold winter day with a breath mint in your mouth.

  • Strong Orange

Zomo TobaccoZomo Strong Orange is an intense sweet orange flavor that is only found in tree ripened, fresh picked oranges.

  • Strong Passion

Zomo TobaccoPriding themselves on their excellent flavor reflication, Zomo Strong Line Tobacco has successfully taken on the challenge of creating a previously, little known flavor in the shisha world : passionfruit.

  • Strong Peach

Zomo TobaccoA popular summer fruit that mixes well with just about everything it is paired with.

  • Strong Pine

Zomo TobaccoZomo Strong Pine is the quintessential fresh pineapple flavor.

  • Strong Red

Zomo TobaccoZomo Strong Red is a pure strawberry flavor, not overly sweet, with just a hint of citrus.


  • Blue Caribbean

Zomo TobaccoThe Blue Caribbean smoke is what one would expect from the caribbean.

  • Dry Sahara

Zomo TobaccoDry Sahara is a juicy shisha that has good heat retention producing thick, fluffy white clouds.

  • Fresh Provence

Zomo TobaccoThe Zomo research team has created the fresh provence shisha flavor using the same unique processes that are followed for each and every one of the world experiences flavors.

  • Miami Nights

Zomo TobaccoZomo has created the World Experience Miami Nights. A mild tobacco that has a distinctive orange and mango flavored draw. The sweetness of the two fruits flavors blend well together without being candy sweet.

  • Swiss Alps

Zomo TobaccoSwiss Alps combines the perfect tobacco with a cool, fresh mint taste that is designed to awaken the senses.

  • Secret of Babylon

Zomo TobaccoSecrets of Babylon is not your ordinary tobacco.

  • Tropical Amazon

Zomo TobaccoZomo has built its reputation on providing its customers with the closest taste, in a tobacco, to eating the real fruit.

  • Taj Mahal

Zomo TobaccoA truly unique blonde leaf flavor; it smokes with no effects from smokers buzz.

  • Wild Africa

Zomo TobaccoWild Africa is one of the most complex flavors produced by Zomo this far.

  • Colori Della Sicilia

Zomo TobaccoThe long-lasting heat retention of the semi-premium shisha produces thick, white clouds that envelop everything in its path. There is no harshness throatiness felt when smoking Colori Della Sicilia as it has a low nicotine level.

  • Madagascar Forest

Zomo TobaccoZomo has taken that wild spirit and created their World Experience Madagascar Forest hookah tobacco. A cool, clean, crisp smoke it is its own unique flavor. As with almost all Zomo semi-premium shisha’s, each draw ends with a cool minty experience.

  • Ibiza Sensations

Zomo TobaccoIbiza Sensations filled with the essence of various citrus fruits. Fruits that blend together with an occasional power punch of one of the identifiable citrus fruits.

  • Mystery of Bali

Zomo TobaccoThe unique essence of the tropics found in Zomo World Experience Mystery of Bali leaves you feeling like you have just come back from a vacation on the tropical island.

  • Dragon Wall

Zomo Tobacco

  • Mount Fuji

Zomo Tobacco

  • Black Edition

Zomo TobaccoZomo Black Edition is limited in production and unlimited in perfection. The exclusive mint flavor is unique and bold due to the high quality dark-leaf tobacco being used. Aged in bourbon barrels, this technique penetrates the tobacco pores with high concentrations of flavor which result in long sessions and full bodied smoke. Zomo Black edition is a one of a kind mint flavor that you must try and judge for yourself.


  • Lemon Mint

Zomo Tobacco

  • Mint

Zomo Tobacco

  • Two Apple

Zomo Tobacco

  • Watermelon Mint

Zomo Tobacco


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